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Privacy Coins

Why Privacy Coins ? because bitcoin is not a solution anymore

Why you ask are Privacy Coins under attack after so many years? because bitcoin was once the privacy solution dream we all had for freedom. Today with millions of dollars being spent on Blockchain Analysts by government bodies of all kinds, we see that bitcoin can be private if users follow privacy practices at home such as using VPN’s, Tor, I2P, Secure Operating Systems, Firewalls, etc. Most people do not even know that their privacy is compromised once sending a coin from one exchange to another. We are all learning quick and if bitcoin the prototype of all chains cannot do it for people then we need a solution that gives people financial privacy protections in cryptocurrency transactions by default. Pirate Cryptocurrency has privacy by default and a community team that focuses on protecting the user unlike so-called privacy coins like Zcash. They even built an operating system to make

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Qortal | The Portal to Freedom

The Qortal project is the successor to the project called QORA, which was launched in 2014. From then on, a team of developers took over and improved it to build an all-in-one platform (QORT). Qortal is, therefore much more than a project; it is an entire Blockchain-based ecosystem that will

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