SPECTRE.ai Eliminates Broker Fraud Through a Smart Options Trading Platform

Las Vegas 11-02-2017 /cryptopressrelease.com/ – SPECTRE.ai (Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange) is the world’s first brokerless, financial trading platform with an embedded, autonomous decentralized liquidity pool funded by Pre-launch investors, that acts as a counter-party to all trades.

Without having a broker acting as the middleman and often the counterparty of a trade, the Ethereum based blockchain project, SPECTRE.ai raises expectations and the level of security for trading while removing unnecessary risks and conflicts of interest. All transactions are governed by smart contracts, and human intervention is not possible.  

Through the elimination of the broker, SPECTRE.ai improves upon the element of mistrust in financial trading, in several ways;

  • SPECTRE.ai will not require its users to deposit money in a SPECTRE.ai account. They trade from their own Blockchain based Ethereum wallet or from a private ETH escrow account.
  • SPECTRE.ai does not take the opposite side of a trade. The counterparty to the trades is the autonomous decentralized liquidity pool. Therefore there is no conflict of interest between SPECTRE and its users.
  • All transactions are verified by the blockchain and no user intervention is possible.

For each trade that takes place on the SPECTRE.ai platform, the SPECTRE team receives a 2% technology fee on the value of the trade, while another 2% is paid out proportionally to early Pre-Launch investors.

Additionally, SPECTRE.ai aims to offer its users a unique feature that involves a technology that learns user behavior patterns and will predict the likelihood of trading mistakes and will actually issue a warning.


“Unlike trading platforms out there today, SPECTRE.ai has a range of trader protection algorithms which help with emotion control, risk management, trade opportunity recognition and the ability to track one’s stats including strengths and weaknesses through time. SPECTRE.ai learns the trader’s weaknesses over time and alerts them when they are about to make a silly mistake.”
-As seen in the landing page text at www.spectre.ai


The public alpha went live in September 2017 and the connection to the live Ethereum mainnet environment is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.  Access will be made available on www.spectre.ai.

Media Contact

Cheryl Buckingham      team@spectre.ai


The SPECTRE AI Whitepaper (English Version PDF Link)

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