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Amsterdam, Netherlands (June 16th 2018) – One of the leading voices in the Komodo community recently announced the launch of ChainZilla – a company focused on enterprise solutions for blockchain deployment and p2p app development.

In 2016, the Komodo project was started with the objective of developing better decentralized solutions and to decrease the co-dependency between blockchains, thus giving rise to blockchain interoperability. Within two years of its inception, Komodo has delivered innovative technology including native tokenization, atomic swaps, and local zero-knowledge tumbling. Presently, the project is laying down the groundwork for executing smart contracts across arbitrary blockchains.

Additionally, the project has delivered a full range of practical applications such as the Agama wallet, Utrum and Monaize dico apps, Jumblr, and Barterdex. More examples of underutilized yet useful applications by other projects include NEM’s Mosaic technology and voting applications. In contrast to their competitors, these applications have little documentation and don’t fulfill enterprise standards. Hence, they have seen little commercial adoption and recognition.

“The blockchain assets of our clients are worthless without any strategy, execution and organization. We DON’T believe in following the competition; rather, we want to be the ones to SHOW them how it’s done. Our target is to make migration to blockchains and p2p systems a seamless process.” Charles Gonzalez, ChainZilla CEO

There is a widening gap between the open source community and commercial use of decentralized technology. ChainZilla’s mission is to facilitate growth and bridge this gap by becoming the global standard for blockchain deployment and p2p app development. Backed by an experienced team, wide range of advisors, and strong leadership, ChainZilla is poised to solve the problems faced by Komodo and other similar projects, like NEM and QTUM, that seek commercial and enterprise adoption of their technology.

Enhanced DIY Blockchain Services

  • Komodo Platform Chain (a native blockchain with the capabilities of zero-knowledge transactions and a full integration with Komodo’s features)
  • PoS Altcoin (a native blockchain powered by PoS and with all the capabilities of Bitcoin)
  • ERC-20 universal standard (a minimum viable token launch on the Ethereum network with DEX integration)
  • ERC-20 Migration to Komodo Platform or Native blockchain (easy migrations from ETH to native blockchains)
  • Advanced Whitepaper Development (research and development of whitepaper documentation)
  • Airdrop ICO Model (in preparation for new ICO structures, ChainZilla will offer clients a new ICO model)
  • NEM Mosaics (to promote the use of NEM as a viable tokenization platform, ChainZilla will implement Mosaics into the deployment services and BarterDEX)
  • Custom Blockchain apps (i.e. wallets, explorers, dico apps, and blockchains)

Enhanced Blockchain Applications

The applications offered by ChainZilla will benefit various projects including Komodo, NEM, QTUM, and BarterDEX.  There are plans to redesign 5 main applications with the intention to help facilitate the company’s growth and to provide clients with the best blockchain technology, governance, and security solutions we can.

BASILISK Multiwallet


IGAMI Paperwallet


BALLOT Voting App

Paving the way for adoption

In response to demand from investors, companies, and other stakeholders ChainZilla becomes the first company of its kind in Latin America to offer enterprise blockchain services that seek to pierce the traditional markets with blockchain and p2p technology. Chainzilla aims to create a bridge between third party companies and open source blockchain projects. It allows companies to leverage open-source technology for multiple purposes with minimal effort. ChainZilla will be involved in four major fields: fintech, blockchain, academic, and cyber security. ChainZilla believes that each of these groups of clienteles have different pain points and all are heavily isolated – ChainZilla plans to leverage their expertise in each of these fields to provide what it believes will be the most intuitive and secure blockchain deployment services on the market.  

Team & Partners

Charles Gonzalez (PTYX) / Founder & CEO

Cesar Zambrano / DevOps

Xad / Community Manager

JohnR / Komodo Deployment Specialist

Nourneme / Creative Design

Norbert / App Design

DevSEC / Partner

Aroc Panama / Legal Advisors

CryptoGeeks / Advisor

Abee Ride / Advisor

Blockchain Embassy Panama / Advisor

Irakli Menadbe / UK Strategy Advisor

Libertaria Movement / Associate Project

Utrum / Associate Project

Cryptopia / Associate Exchange

CoinGate / Associate Payment Processor

Contact info

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